As you may have gathered, I take pictures and design websites. I love what I do, and I enjoy working with companies and individuals to create something that makes them smile, and that improves their lives and businesses.
I take my camera with me anytime I go somewhere new or interesting. I try to share my photos and experiences with anyone who is willing to view/listen.
When it comes to contract work: I don’t need to be right, I just want my clients to be happy. I am always exploring advancements in technology and design, and I love learning new skills.
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All aboard: the travel bug has bit me, again! - Hillary Campbell - Web Designer | Photographer Los Angeles
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All aboard: the travel bug has bit me, again!

Since my first trip overseas I have been addicted to travel. I had no idea what to expect when I first touched down in Lisboa, Portugal. I knew about two words in Portuguese then, and almost nothing about the city and country. I was going on pure, blind hope. I believe that because of this, my hopes for the trip were far exceeded. In fact, I was so impressed, I’ve actually talked openly about moving there one day. (It truly is an incredible city, and the climate is remarkably and comfortingly similar to Los Angeles, so though it felt other-worldly in some regards, it also felt like home.) I left Portugal on a Tuesday in May with a full and longing heart, and I vow internally to return, even if only again as a tourist.

I actually once had a customer tell me that I should really make it a point to travel to one new international destination each year, especially being a photographer. Lord knows I’d love to, but at the time my retort was, “It costs A LOT of money to travel!” He kind of smirked and said something along the lines of, “Believe me. If you really want to, you will find a way to afford it.” I was stubborn at first, but his advice soon sunk in, and I’ve succeeded in doing so ever since. In fact, last year was my biggest year for travel.

I am truly blessed to be able to incorporate travel as part of my business (or business as part of my travel; however you choose to view it). Last year I went to Cabo San Lucas in the spring for a web design and social media consultation; I visited Sweden in the summer, and then it was on to St. Louis, MO just a couple of weeks later. I don’t want to drop the ball this year just because I’m a little frightened of our political/economic climate; I don’t want to miss potential moments of awe and wonderment because I think there is something tying me down to Los Angeles. I want to see the world, and each place I visit leaves me with a warm feeling and a superabundance of fond memories. The reality is, it was never about the money; it’s about the value that travel brings to our lives.

The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have. – Anna Quindlen

The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page. – St. Augustine

I would also want to see more of the phenomenal state in which I have spent my entire life! California is truly an incredible, diverse place. I’ve only been to San Francisco once, and it was for a concert when I was just 16; we were literally in the city of San Francisco for less than 48 hours. I never had a chance to visit the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz. I’ve only once seen Sequoia National Park. I’ve been to just one side of Yosemite where I experienced two trails, the longest hike clocking in at about six hours, up and back. I visited Santa Barbara as a young person, but for a city so drenched in rich California history, it’s worth a visit as an adult. I’ve never seen Joshua Tree! And for someone in her 30’s who lives in Southern California, it’s pretty embarrassing that I’ve only been to San Diego twice. California is a big state, with just about everything a person can hope to see in their lifetime: beaches, mountains and snow, canyons and valleys, magnificent hiking, lush greenery with pine trees, and deserts. We truly have it all, and we are very blessed.

Now that I’ve caught the travel bug, it’s time I medicate again. And I believe the only way to do so is to allow my feet to follow my heart, as it has always done. My next trip is yet to be determined, but you better believe I have a running list and a great looking Pinterest board, both prepared to help me decide.

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Hillary C.

30-something. Aries. Angeleno and California-native. I love puppies, sushi, wine, and karaoke. Hiking, biking, rollerblading, and general exploration are activities I enjoy. I am a photographer and web designer. Have passport; will travel.
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