As you may have gathered, I take pictures and design websites. I love what I do, and I enjoy working with companies and individuals to create something that makes them smile, and that improves their lives and businesses.
I take my camera with me anytime I go somewhere new or interesting. I try to share my photos and experiences with anyone who is willing to view/listen.
When it comes to contract work: I don’t need to be right, I just want my clients to be happy. I am always exploring advancements in technology and design, and I love learning new skills.
If you see a photograph you like, feel free to contact me for a print order. If you’d like to start a project with me, fill me in and let’s get moving! I can’t wait to work with you.
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Branding: It's Important! - Hillary Campbell - Web Designer | Photographer Los Angeles
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Branding: It’s Important!

After a consultation with a potential client, who is literally starting from zero and requires a lot of groundwork, I was reminded of a few branding practices that need to be reinforced from the very beginning. Here are just a few to keep in mind when building your business and brand:

Be consistent.
A simple case scenario is that your domain name and your social media account names are the same. If this isn’t possible, they should all be reflective of your business; who you are; what you do.
Best case scenario is that you are consistent all across the board. In emotion, in tone, in color, in character. Your website and your brand are dependent upon you being memorable; on people recognizing you.
Also, if you aren’t going to post blogs on a regular basis, (ie: monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, etc.) it’s best not to have a blog link on your website.

Use relevant hashtags whenever possible.
Also do a little bit of research on which hashtags are trending and, when using social media, choose the ones that are the most common for more views. Don’t be afraid to use additional hashtags that are less common, though! You never know — you might just start a trend.

Engage others.
No matter how few or how relevant, it’s important to remember that people who “like” and comment on your content are people who will keep coming back if you remind them that they are important to you. Even a simple “thank you!” goes a long way.

Be honest.
Do not promote yourself for something you are not comfortable providing. If you tell people that you are a dog training expert and all you’ve ever done is own a couple of dogs who behave well, you’re not being honest. If you promote that you are a wedding photographer when all you have ever done is take a few portraits, you are being dishonest. It sucks to start at the bottom, but it is better to get a couple of testimonials under your belt before you start charging actual money and/or expecting market value for your services, lest you risk ruining your reputation before you’ve even begun.

Be willing and flexible.
Learn about the markets of which you are attempting to enter. Know that you may not be able to provide for its specific needs immediately, and be willing to learn more about what is wanted or needed. Or, in some cases, be willing to send them in another direction to someone who might be better suited for their immediate needs.

Dare to be different.
Be what nobody has ever seen! And by that, I typically mean, BE YOU. Because there really isn’t anyone who is like you. Stop taking inspiration or advice from others if you don’t need it, and feel free to dig deep inside to find what it is that makes you truly unique. (I’m usually pretty good at finding this in others, and not so great at finding it in myself, so don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust to help you out on this one.)

It’s tough to turn away business, and extremely tough to have others turn us away. It’s important to remember that we can’t help everyone and that our brand or strategy might not always line up with the strategy of others. All we can ever do is be our best selves; I believe and have seen that, in the end, it tends to work out.

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