As you may have gathered, I take pictures and design websites. I love what I do, and I enjoy working with companies and individuals to create something that makes them smile, and that improves their lives and businesses.

I take my camera with me any time I go somewhere new or interesting. I try to share my photos and experiences with anyone who is willing to view/listen.

When it comes to contract work: I don't need to be right, I just want my clients to be happy. I am always exploring advancements in technology and design, and I love learning new skills.

If you see a photograph you like, feel free to contact me for a print order. If you'd like to start a project with me, fill me in and let's get moving! I can't wait to work with you.

Visit my Headshot Photography website:
Campbell Darkroom

Hillary Campbell - Hillary Campbell - Web Designer | Photographer Los Angeles
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Hi, I’m Hillary Campbell! I am a web designer and photographer.



I began experimenting with web design and graphic design in 1998. I moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and word gradually got out that I was fluent in HTML and CSS. Before I knew it, friends, co-workers, and referrals began pouring in for websites. In 2013 I finally taught myself to use WordPress; it is now my preferred content management system. To date, I have designed, built, and maintained hundreds of websites.


I began a professional career as a photographer in 2006. When my father passed away, I inherited his bevy of 35mm camera bodies and an impressive collection of high-quality lenses, which transformed the way I thought about photography as a career. I am capable of shooting 35mm, medium format, and digital photographs; now shooting still-life, headshots and portraits, interiors and exteriors, food, cocktails, and products.



I currently live and work in Los Angeles in a small neighborhood which is just a 15-minute bike ride from Venice Beach. I spend a lot of time at my desk and a lot of time with one eye closed (aka taking pictures), but I also enjoy walking, rollerblading, hiking, singing and writing songs, drawing/sketching, painting, creating graphic art, and watching stand-up comedy or documentaries.


I am a free spirit with a busy mind; one that is constantly inspired and in need of stimulation. I like to rollerblade, explore my city, and travel abroad. I am a huge fan of the Oxford comma. I am also a piano-playing songwriter and singer/performer. I book the live musical entertainment for a local pub (which is why my weekends are always eaten away). I stay up late, and I love my puppies.