As you may have gathered, I take pictures and design websites. I love what I do, and I enjoy working with companies and individuals to create something that makes them smile, and that improves their lives and businesses.
I take my camera with me anytime I go somewhere new or interesting. I try to share my photos and experiences with anyone who is willing to view/listen.
When it comes to contract work: I don’t need to be right, I just want my clients to be happy. I am always exploring advancements in technology and design, and I love learning new skills.
If you see a photograph you like, feel free to contact me for a print order. If you’d like to start a project with me, fill me in and let’s get moving! I can’t wait to work with you.
You are also welcome to visit my Headshot/Portrait Photography Portfolio website:
Campbell Darkroom

Web Design Services - Hillary Campbell - Web Designer | Photographer Los Angeles
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Web design packages starting at $1199*

Custom Responsive Website


Plugin Installation

Social Media Integration

Blog Integration

Newsletter Integration

Brand Integration

Custom E-mail Forms

Text-Copy Editing


Web Hosting

Web Maintenance

E-Commerce Setup

CMS Updates

Plugin Maintenance

E-mail Setup

SEO Assistance

Doc-to-PDF Creation

Stock Photography

Web design services with an emphasis on social media and branding are very nearly a must these days. Whether your business is medical, legal, real estate, construction, bar/restaurant, entrepreneurial, news, an artistic field, or you simply have a blog that you need beautified and personified, you will need a web presence — and every individual or business has a different way in which they desire to fulfill that need. That is why I believe that hiring a custom web designer, especially one that is personable — one who takes the time to get to know you and your business style — can be just the ticket to having a web presence that is attractive, responsive, and that accurately presents your work or business to the world. The best part is that it doesn’t have to break the bank!


I start with a digital framework and fill in the pieces with colorful pictures, brand integration, and appropriate text that conveys your message. I promise that we will work together every step of the way to include elements that help your customers understand and trust you. In the end, you will have a website that you’ll be proud to share because it will generate clicks and increase your business.



SEO and Google rankings are not part of my formative experience, nor are they included as a service in my base package rate. (aka: I do not promise that you will become the first search result on Google, or even on the first page, for any given search topic by having a website designed by me.) These are extremely time-consuming services to offer and do not promise immediate or long-term results. I have learned a lot over the last five years about how to improve Google ranking and expand upon your search engine optimization, using a combination of organic marketing, social media, and specific keywords tailored to your business. I can help you improve the overall outcome of your Google search ranking, but it must be a topic of conversation from the very beginning so that it can be included in your quote. Otherwise, it is considered an a la carte add-on service and will be billed as such.

*This includes CMS install and design, 2 minor revisions, and up to 7 pages of content. It does not include SEO assistance or stock photography. Additional stock images may be approved by you and purchased for an additional fee, which is added to your invoice. If you’d like to use my stock photography, I can include it in my quoted price. You may also choose to add a la carte SEO service, and quarterly maintenance services before the contract is agreed upon and signed.